German Language Proficiency Test

What is German Language Proficiency Test?

It first depends on which country you live in. There are several recognized tests like from Goethe Institute, Telc and TestDaF. Of all these the test conducted by Telc called “Deutsche für Zuwanderer A2/B1” is the easiest and it is recognized for Niederlassungserlaubnis (Permanent Residence) and German passport applications. If you live in Germany, you can take this test along with a mock test in any Volkshochschule (VHS).

If you are living outside Germany then the best would be to take the Goethe Institute’s “Zertifikat Deutsch” tests according to your level. They are difficult but nevertheless is a recognized test worldwide and Goethe Institute is available worldwide. Chances are that it is there in your country too. One can also take the test with Goethe Institute even without being a student there.